Why Is Alpaca Wool Unique In Its Genre

Find out 2 out of the 5 characteristics of alpaca wool. You will be amazed to discover it is resistant to natural elements such as fire, water, and wind.

Amanda Ahlström blog

11/29/20231 min read

alpaca wool amanda ahlstrom sweaters cardigan  european brand
alpaca wool amanda ahlstrom sweaters cardigan  european brand

In the last post, we saw three out of the five main characteristics associated with alpaca wool.

Let's complete the list!


Alpaca’s smoothness comes hand in hand with the lightness of the fiber. Alpaca wool is lighter than other wools, despite being such a warm wool.

Hence, if you are looking for natural fiber, warm, soft, lighter, and breathable, clothing made with alpaca is the only choice.

Did you know it is also naturally water-resistant?

Marvellous Resistance

*Fire resistance

Alpaca wool does not melt on the skin when burning and it self-extinguishes fire.

*Stain resistant

As with water, liquids are removed before they can enter the fibers.

*Resistant to bad odours

These evaporate in the fiber.

*Water resistance

Alpaca wool has a great capacity for perspiration and absorbs moisture.

*Wind resistance

Alpaca’s fiber contains microscopic air pockets, making the garment light, thermal, and wind resistant.