Why Is Alpaca Wool Unique In Its Genre?

Why could you almost say that alpaca fiber is a miracle of nature? Here 3 out of 5 incredible characteristics of alpaca wool

Amanda Ahlström blog

11/28/20231 min read

alpaca clothing amanda ahlstrom pure alpaca hypoallergenic thermal water resistant
alpaca clothing amanda ahlstrom pure alpaca hypoallergenic thermal water resistant

In the last post, we talked about why alpaca is the fiber of gods without discussing these specific characteristics.

To understand the reasons we want to share the 5 characteristics of this precious fiber.


Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, which is commonly found in natural fibers, especially in sheep wool.

Fibers obtained from alpacas turn out to be ideal for allergic and more sensitive skin.

In fact, alpaca wool clothing DOES NOT cause skin irritation.

Thermal qualities

Alpaca wool retains five to six times more heat than "normal" sheep wool. YES! Also more than cashmere. How is it possible?

Alpacas are used to enduring extreme temperatures and therefore they develop a resistant coat with thermal properties to cope with the Andean’s climate changes.

Thanks to this, clothing and accessories made with its wool can keep you cool if it is very hot, or warm you up if you are in a very cold climate.


Clothing made of alpaca is as soft as cashmere. Alpaca wool is the finest that exists among wool fibers. Measuring approximately 16 to 25 micrometres in diameter. Unlike sheep wool, which is thicker with a diameter ranging from 20 to 80 micrometers, and Cashmere, which is 19 micrometres.

As a result, alpaca clothing feels softer to the touch, also due to the smaller, less protruding scales of its fiber, without compromising its resistance.

Important to mention that the softness and the other qualities of alpaca garments remain over the years.

Now you know why wearing an alpaca garment generates a pleasant sensation on the skin.