Amanda Ahlström long-lasting clothing

Why our garments are long-lasting and eco-friendly. Tips to enjoy your Amanda Ahlström pieces.

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12/2/20231 min read

In the last two posts, we saw the main characteristics that gift alpaca garments the title of luxurious fabric.

Let's explore now why Amanda Ahlström's clothing - made with this luxurious fabric - is long-lasting.

Alpaca fiber is one of the most resistant fibers of animal origin. As a reference, it is three times stronger than sheep's hair. In addition, alpaca wool is very elastic, which is the mix of qualities that makes Amanda Ahlstrom’s garments durable.

Normally, smaller scales (µm) could indicate a loss of strength, because they have less ability to interlock, and here's the amazing thing about the alpaca: Their scales can still interlock with each other, while also producing strong fiber.

Alpaca fabric is soft and silky, with a unique natural shine, making garments very advantageous and perfect for all body types.

It adapts to all body types, maintaining over time its characteristics; it does not shrink, but you need to follow the care instructions.

To better preserve garments made of alpaca wool, dry wash is the perfect option. Alternatively, we recommend:

1. Washing it gently by hand,

2. Using lukewarm water and

3. Detergents for delicate clothing.

It is very easy to take care of clothes made with this excellent fiber. When washing it, you just have to consider the 3 recommendations given above to make your garments last a long time.

They will remain as the day you bought them!

How are we eco-friendly?

Remember that buying long-lasting clothing, with classic style, makes your wardrobe intergenerational, which turns into a lower carbon footprint.

This adds up to the fact that our natural fibers are fully recyclable. Our clothing is made with 100% pure alpaca fiber, despite knowing that the use of mixed or synthetic fibers in our production could give us an economic advantage.